The conceptual idea of was originally thought of by CEO/President Brent Bridgeman. The concept was brought to light for the purpose of a known problem in the dating scene. There are Dog lovers and Dog Haters. Let’s be honest. We have all dated someone that didn’t like our dog or “want a dog in the house”. Well, we have the solution,

The other issue with dating is making sure our dog is happy with its surroundings in every situation including a new person in our lives. “Dogs know” is an actual thing. How many times has your dog alerted you to someone who was questionable and then it turned out to be correct? Many Dogs can sense a person’s intent immediately. Brent worked with K-9 units in Stockton California in 1994. When they hire agitators, the dogs would instantly know if the person was good or bad. Our dogs do know, and they protect us from bad situations. Our dogs also have other animals they like or don’t like but mainly other dogs. It is very important that our dogs are not stressed due to another animal in its territory. Dogs are very territorial, so we need to make their environment as comfortable as possible. So choosing a dating partner that has a compatible breed is also very important. was created specifically for this reason. “Do your best friend a favor” is not just a slogan but the truth. When you have a dog you need to consider their happiness as well. Certain breeds just never get along. Need I say more? is specifically designed for you and your dog. We have made it very user friendly and included fields for your dog’s information right alongside your own information, too!Now that you have found you will have two options to sign up. We offer a FREE Membership that gives you access to all profiles along with the ability to send an interest message, build a complete profile with 3 pictures of you and your dog, with local matching, and algorithm matching. Our Platinum Membership offers unlimited use of the features that include all the free options, plus full profile browsing, add unlimited pictures, upload a video, as well as video chat, and discounts on sponsored products. Thank you for giving us a chance to improve your dating experience because we believe we have the best solution for you and your best friend. Good Luck and have a safe and happy dating experience with